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Four sisters and the AZENA adventures

9th Apr 2018


Hello, world! I am happy to welcome you all to our website.

My name is Senna, a fairy godmother and CEO of AZENA.


I wanted to share my story and the story of my AZENA family and team. We couldn’t help but fall in love with nature since we were little. We used to help our grandpa and grandma pack our Herbal balm and herbal tea mixtures. Grandpa used to show us all the different plants and talk about them with a lot of love. When we had a cold, or fell from the bike our mums used to whip out the balm and smear us from head to toe. Hahaha, bunch of kids and one balm 🙂

Now, as we are all grown we still have the same passion and love for a good and healthy, natural cosmetics and we are more than eager and delighted to talk about them.
As volleyball players, me and my sisters (Simona, Marija and Ana) had the opportunity to travel all over the world. We have seen and tried many foreign, high class cosmetic brands, all four of us work in different industries and we work with many different people from all over the world. We also like different things, have our own preferences but somehow, all four of us always go back to our good, “old” AZENA. Since AZENA’s team created some new and exciting products and collections we found some new favorites we take with us wherever we go. A lot of our friends from the world of sports, business or beauty world ask us what is the secret to our healthy skin… the answer is always – AZENA products!



And what are our favorites?


Find out in our future blog posts! 😉


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