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24th Sep 2021


Do you prefer to do home SPA treatments in summer or winter?


During the summer, I live a specific relaxed lifestyle, where I do not much other than swimming in the sea, playing in the sand, strolling under fragrant pines and enjoying unreal sunsets with my two baby boys.
Then, as the summer passes, we return home (we live in the mainland!) and I get the urge to feel all the scents and benefits of the Mediterranean again, at least in my own bathroom. Autumn and winter are definitely my seasons for home SPA treatments from head to toe (literally! :-))


My feet definitely look their worst , since I enjoy being barefoot during the summer, so I always get chills in the fall when I start putting socks and closed shoes back on, while my feet are dry and heels hard.



This is why I put AZENA products in the first place as part of my winter home treatments, always starting with SCRUB THE FOOT peeling and SOFT FOOT balm.
In early fall, I even exfoliate my feet twice a week while taking a shower. After a couple of treatments, my feet are soft again, as I like them to be- then after I do the treatment when I feel so, and only for relaxation. The cherry on top of this treatment is our SOFT FOOT balm that I apply when I am already in bed, because I do not like the feeling of dry and rough feet under my covers before I fall asleep.


In the 2nd place is my favourite treatment – MEDITERANKA hair oil treatment, which restores my hair to a healthy shine and helps me get rid of dandruff. If you have not tried our MEDITERANKA hair oil treatment yet, I highly recommend it to everyone, because it doesn’t take much of your time and the results are just perfect!


I use it as a treatment before washing my hair once a week, by applying a few drops of oil on my hands and massaging it on the scalp and ends. I apply it for ONLY 5 minutes on dry hair and, after that, I shampoo it and wash it well. Every time I am surprised by the effect of shine and smell that my hair gets after this treatment. When I am not doing the treatment, I also use it as protection against split ends, after blow-drying or ironing my hair and I also put it on my already dried hair.

In the 3rd place is my favourite ally for bringing my skin “back to life”- the herbal body balm WOMAN, MOTHER, QUEEN. A balm that accompanies you in all stages of life. 🙂


Before I embarked on an adventure called motherhood, using this balm, I solved the problem of my eternally dry feet (as to frequent showering after a lot of sport practice 🙂). Also, just after I gave birth, I was able to avoid stretch marks on my stomach and thighs. I came out of two pregnancies without a single stretch mark!


Once you try it, I believe that it will become an integral part of your skin care routine, wherever you are. I will also reveal a little secret- you don’t even have to apply it every day, but only as needed, because it’s results are visible for up to 3 days without re-application (I guess that’s important for all of us who like to wear short dresses and show great legs! :-))
So much from me this time and I wish you all as much enjoyment as possible in nature’s enchanting fall scents, flavors and colors.

Yours Senna.


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