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More than 35 years
of family tradition

With olive oil & sea salt

Spring detoks

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AZENA’s philosophy is simple: create effective and unique natural cosmetics with healthy, herbal ingredients that are as good as EDIBLE

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AZENA Natural cosmetics is not just skin care… Natural cosmetics is about family. Natural cosmetics is about community. Natural cosmetics is about identity. And we nourish all those things when we know what we are putting on our skin.

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  • herbal body & face scrub

    Azena's original herbal base, enhanced with sea salt. Exfoliate your skin gently, efficiently, and thoroughly. For shiny healthy skin - a jar filled with best from nature.

  • We are inspired to find beauty in nature and create more beauty everywhere around us.

    AZENA strongly supports raising awareness focused on exploring every single ingredient in the natural cosmetic product

  • herbal balm

    Our original formula, created in 1977. A multi-purpose salve balm blend of finest oils and herbs. Pure, 100% natural, handmade and always ready to use.

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