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AZENA Herbal body butter

1st Mar 2018


Working with a lot of people in tourism business can be fun and exciting, but at the same time very consuming & stressful.

All these things have visible impact on my skin, but a full skincare routine can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. (Simona Ušić, 30)


That is why my trusted ally in my body skin care is AZENA Herbal body butter with lavender and fennel! The silky texture, and divine, relaxing lavender scent gets me out of the stress zone in no time! It is perfect to use after shower, or a bath (if I have the time, to take one).


It soaks into the skin fast, so I use it in the morning before work to get that relaxing start to the day with a smile on my face! At night I use it before sleep to help me dive into my dreams faster. My skin is healthy, silky and has that beautiful glow and discreet scent that reminds me of our family summer vacations in Istria, Croatia. I also love using it to keep my skin healthy, glowing and free of any bumps and redness after waxing! It is also a great product to help you combat that little bit of cellulite we all have 😉 Thanks to fennel properties in this product. So, to sum everything up – it is a perfect product if you are a busy, working girl that takes care of her health inside and out and you need something to keep up with your busy lifestyle!




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