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Massage oil lavander

Azena Massage oil lavander

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Explore the calming effect of lavender and AZENA’s original herbal base. Feel the gentle touch of dalmatian nature with delicate notes of lavender, that help you relax and reduce the feeling of tension in the body.
It is an amazing herb that is used to regulate sleep. aromatherapeutic properties of lavander will make you fall easily asleep. Lavender can be found on our Adriatic coastline and on most Croatian islands. one of the best ways to experience lavender in full bloom, is in month June, on the sunnyest Croatian island, Hvar. Azena herbal massage oil with lavender is a 100% natural spa day off in a bottle that you can take anywhere. Available in bigger size packaging for professional use.


Key ingredients:

  • Sunflower oil
  • Comfrey and Marigold extract
  • Lavender oil

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