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Hair Treatment – MEDITERANKA

Just 5 minutes away from perfect hair!
( 150ml )

Let your hair be perfect and nourished in just 5 minutes. A treatment for all hair types with the irresistible scent of the Mediterranean. Bye bye cracked ends and dry hair!

High point: feel the power of the rich rosemary oil, the effect of which you will feel after the first use.



– makes hair supple and smooth
– keeps the scalp healthy
– Strengthens and nourishes hair
– prevents cracking of the tops
– gives hair a radiant shine
– restores hair
– beautiful Mediterranean scent


– Rosemary oil – strengthens the hair root and keeps the scalp healthy
– Olive oil – hydrates, nourishes and gives shine to hair


Type of use:
Apply a few drops of oil on your hand, and massage into dry scalp and ends, before washing your hair. For the full effect of the treatment, you only need 5 minutes! After the treatment, shampoo and wash your hair well.
In case of cracked ends, apply to dry hair.



Hair type:
For all hair types

Hydration, shine and Mediterranean scent

Active substances:
Vitamin E – stimulates hair growth
Squalin (Olive oil) – hydrates the scalp


Scalp type:
All types of scalp


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