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Bug off! Repellent

Bug off! Repellent

100% natural, handmade mosquito repellent with no added preservatives.
( 50ml )
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100% natural, handmade mosquito repellent with no added preservatives.


This small and powerful bottle contains everything you need for having a great, mosquito-free day in nature. Rich in oils, it will make your skin soft and nurtured while powerful citronella oil keeps all the nasty bugs away from you! Suitable for pets too!




For everyday use. During the spring and the summer, be sure to have our Bug OFF! mosquito repellent with you to protect you from any nasty bug bites. Apply to the skin when needed, start with a smaller amount, since the product is rich in oils and has an oily texture. If you are outside for a longer period apply frequently to exposed skin. The fresh scent of citronella oil drives the mosquitoes and many other nasty bugs away from you. Be a good friend to your pets to and give them a spray with our Bug OFF! repellent while they explore nature with you. This oil spray will protect them from ticks and mosquitoes.




  • Sunflower oil
  • Essential citronelle oil
  • Essential lavender oil
  • Marigold extract



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