Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva ursi)

Other names: wild strawberry tree, mountaineer, Bear's ear, strawberry red, mountaineer, mlivnjak.

Description of the plant: the bear grapes or medvjetkagrow mostly as a shrub close to the ground, covered with egg-shaped, firm and leathery leaves of 2 to 3 cm. The flowers are of white or light pink color and hang in bell-shaped clusters. The fruit is round as beans and red.

Flowering time: April to June.

Habitat: open sunlit places, mountainous areas of Slovelija, Croatia, Bosnia, Sandzak and the Alps. In some places it can be found in large groups, but these are usually inaccessible places, making it difficult to collect them.

The medicinal part of the plant: the drug is gathered from leaves from May to July. Dried with artificial heat and stored in a dry place.

Pharmaceutical action: tea from bearberry leaves treats enlarged prostate, urinary organs, diarrhea and diabetes. The leaves mixed with other herbs serve as a desinficient of the urethra, especially in chronic inflammation of the bladder and other diseases.