From the past

We are proud to accentuate the fact that we are THE THIRD GENERATION OF FAMILY that runs our company. Our beloved grandfather, the famous herbalist from Velika Gorica, Mr. Antun Azenić, founded the company AZENA d.o.o in 1995. Already then, it was widely known that his herbal remedies, teas and ointments help with health problems. Grandpa Azenić worked with herbs for more than 30 years, and the reason were his own health problems with airways, which led him to be his own doctor, in which he succeeded. That was also his further motivation to begin to help others.

He was born in 1936, in Koska, near Osijek, where he had a chance to encounter with herbs on a daily basis on his family farm, and from 1974 he was intensely engaged in its studies. In September of 1980 Grandpa moved with his family to Velika Gorica near Zagreb, where he continued his work, and with the help of family members formed a number of products which are still present in the market. Grandpa Antun died in 2005, but the family continues the tradition of business. As a big sports fan, Grandpa was the founder and president of the female volleyball team AZENA in Velika Gorica, where an entire generation of girls grew from volleyball kindergarten to volleyball winners of the Croatian Cup in 2003.


Now our company has its own production line in Velika Gorica, and our manufacturing process is certified with the responsible institutions of the Republic of Croatia. We especially emphasize the team of professionals that make the company Azena successful in the market for many years. The team of our company today is lead by Senna Ušić Jogunica - as the owner and director, together with her mother Mrs. Snježana Ušić, and the eldest grandson Andrej Azenić - head of Azena's innovation center.

Senna and Andrej, as grandchildren of Grandpa Azenić, continue to operate and expand the business with the same passion and enthusiasm with which the Grandpa Azenić started the same business a long time ago. As a company, we are also proud of our long-term relationship with Croatian suppliers of best raw herbal materials used in our products.


Products of Azena company are divided to a group of food supplements and cosmetic products, which are present in the market for more than 35 years. Herbs that make our products are hand picked by our long-time associates and suppliers, guaranteeing their quality. The micro location of Croatia in Europe and a mixture of mediterranean and continental climate with high percentage of sunny days per year, make our flora extremely rich in essential oils and nutrients. The processing of plants which creates the final product is a sweet family secret, and we call it the AZENA EFFECT. Grandpa's herb philosophy is based on processing of 32 unique herbs, each of which has unique and distinct properties that affect the human body. We present these herbs in the section of HERBARIUM INFO. There are many records of people and families who, as users of the AZENA company, had the need to thank Grandpa for the beneficial effect of these products on their body, mind and health in general. Our family is now in possession of over a thousand original letters of thanks from people all over the world.

The Vision

The vision of our Grandpa Antun was to bring closer the healing properties of nature, herbs and their power to heal body and soul to all people. He has devoted most of his life to his vision, and with 12 grandchildren, the largest Grandpa's legacy are the products of AZENA company that were created through decades of study and search of ideal natural ingredients and raw materials, and the ways of processing them. What makes our products unique is precisely the decades long process of learning how to take the best of what Mother Nature has to offer and which processing methods to use, to get the best quality products for the human body.

We proudly present our family team that makes AZENA d.o.o. company:

  • Snježana Ušić - The director – daughter of Mr. Azenić
  • Senna Ušić Jogunica - The director – granddaughter of Mr. Azenić
  • Sandra Mitrović - mag. ing. of food engineering, Head of production and quality control
  • Andrea Azenić - Manager for new products and new markets, granddaughter of Mr. Azenić
  • Andrej Azenić - Certified phytotherapist, Head of AZENA innovation center, grandson of Mr. Azenić
  • Bernarda Buđa Kelemenić - dipl.oec., Associate for accounting and finance

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